We Are Parks Hospitality Group

Parks Hospitality Group, established in 1998, is a Raleigh-based hotel ownership and management firm with properties located in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee totaling 1219 rooms and employing over 375 associates. We are proud franchise partners with Hilton Worldwide, Marriott International, and Hyatt Corporation. Parks is a family owned company focused on developing, owning and managing successful hotels.



Over the past 20+ years, we have not only built a burgeoning portfolio, we have cultivated a culture to guide us through the next 20 years and beyond. We are built upon our four pillars: People, Passion, Product and Purposeful Process. Each is critical, as we look to grow both quickly and sustainably.

Our most important resource that ultimately sets us apart from our competitors. We expect extraordinary things and must provide the tools, resources and training required to empower our team to achieve their very best.We are committed to providing a product that all associates are proud to represent. We are guided by the fact that decisions made today should have a positive impact tomorrow.It can’t be taught or bought. It is so strong that others can see it, hear it and feel it from the way you present yourself and your ideas. You cannot contain it or control it and without it, success is not possible. Passion is what allows us to enjoy the journey and breeds perseverance. Passion builds strength, talent and foundation to overcome any obstacle. We must develop and implement processes that have an explicable purpose. Our foundation consists of processes that create consistency and form that will allow us to grow in a responsible manner.


At the end of the day, our goal is simple. We want to invest in people who are proactive, persistent, and accountable, in order to provide outstanding service. We believe that with this formula, we are poised for continued success with our existing portfolio and sustained growth with new hotel development. Parks Hospitality Group is familial in more ways than one. The name “Parks” is actually an acronym that pays homage to the names of the immediate family of our founder, Ramesh Patel. His son, Shaunak, who took the reigns of the company in 2007, is committed to ensuring that as we continue to grow, our associates feel as if they are part of the family, as well.



We offer expertise and a depth of resources in all key aspects of hotel operations that provides effective operating strategies and yields exemplary service, revenue and financial performance.

  • Operations – We believe “service” drives bottom line profit and our employees are empowered to do whatever it takes to provide superior guest service. We manage our assets and make every decision on the basis that we will live with the consequences and or rewards of those decisions for years to come.
  • Sales and Marketing – We expend infinite resources to meet expectations to have every hotel lead their respective market. We manage by Market Segment to deploy aggressive sales and marketing strategies to optimize market share.
  • Revenue Management – We utilize advanced analytics, forecasts and detailed segmentation to implement effective pricing and inventory strategies.  We strategically merge Revenue Management with Sales & Marketing to develop progressive winning revenue strategies to form our Revenue Optimization Team.
  • Accounting & Finance – Our advanced systems offer accurate and timely financials, and allow our management teams to operate in an effective and efficient manner. Our services include detailed P&L analysis, routine audits and a full-range of customizable financial and reporting capabilities.
  • Human Resources – Our HR practices focus on recruiting and retaining top talent within the hotel industry by providing standardized policies and procedures, in-depth training, accountability and strong culture. Our processes help create environments focused on superior guest service and happy and efficient workplaces.
  • Information Technology – PHG administers and supports numerous systems and provides services that enhance business operations and guest services.  We offer a variety of easy to use web-based services that support all departments.

PHG’s management philosophy centers on establishing a balanced scorecard aimed at providing clear focus and attention to the company’s keys to success.  We maintain high expectations for the critical aspects of our company that we defined as our Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).  Combined with our Parks Pillars, KPI’s help to offer a culture with common goals, accountability for all associates, and connects their work to the overall success of the company.  We invest in our associates and provide them with the tools, resources and vision to excel individually and as a team.

Our KPI’s help to maintain focus on the most important measures of success for the company.

  • Associate Satisfaction and Development – Our people are our most valuable resource and we have an unrelenting pursuit to be the #1 employer of choice within the hotel industry. We want to lead the industry in training and associate development with a commitment to ensuring purposeful process in all areas of hotel management.
  • Guest Satisfaction – We expect all hotels within the portfolio to rank within the top 20% of their respective brand service score rankings.
  • Top Line Revenue – We believe driving top-line revenue growth is integral to our success. We operate many dynamic systems that are inclusionary of all associates, as every associate plays a key role in selling and offering great experiences.
  • Profitability – We ultimately believe top-line revenue performance, maximizing operational efficiencies and cost control accountability are the most important factors driving our financial performance.

All hotels in our portfolio started as a vision and were constructed into reality from the ground up.  We ensure the success of our “visions” as hands-on owners and operators who have a true passion for hospitality. Our projects are meticulously planned and analyzed, ultimately leading to the successful pairing of ideal locations and superior brands. Our growth as a company is directly attributed to the fact that each of our projects has been more successful than the last.

Our success as Hotel Developers is attributed to several factors. We apply the latest technology, industry knowledge and infinite resources to what we believe are the key components to successful hotel developments.

  • Market Due Diligence: We utilize a series of analytical reports and our own industry expertise to evaluate and identify sustainable growth markets.
  • Brand Partnership: We believe the hotel brand is equally as important as location.  We are proud development and operating partners with leading hotel brands Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt.
  • Site Selection: Location is everything but we take it a step further.  Our vigorous site selection process ensures all hotel site locations feature great visibility, easy access and synergy with local surroundings.
  • Design, Development & Construction: We use exclusive industry-leading architects, engineers and construction companies to develop prototypical and atypical building designs.
  • Investor Relations: Our track record of on-time, on-budget, smartly designed and lucrative hotel developments has led to many repeat investors.  We are personally invested in all our projects and self-manage all properties. So we mean it when we say we’re fully invested in your success.  We ensure financial stability and responsible asset management profitability on an everyday basis.

We’re always seeking new investors and fresh ideas.  For more information regarding investment opportunities please contact us.

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